Marty's Tree R. Martin Clements
pen & ink 1977
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Studio: RMC Recoding

a gallery of past projects at RMC Recording


Jenna Bean Veatch
Jumping Bean
Completed: May 2008
Produced by: Jenna Bean Veatch and Bruce Blood
Mediated by: Coty Hogue
Engineered by: Bruce Blood
1.The Dancer's Plight or I'm Not Funny
2. My Favorite Worm
3. Nursery Rhyme Love Song
4. Song For U
5. Guilt Shuffle
6. The Bacon Song
7. Exception That Proves the Rule
8. Git Along
9. Where Does the Love Go?
10. Here Is My Heart
All songs by Jenna Bean Veatch
Jenna Bean Veatch/lead vocals, ukulele, keyboard on "Here Is My Heart"
Coty Hogue/harmony vocals, banjo
David Miles Keenan/guitars, bass on "Guilt Shuffle"
Bruce Blood/bass vocal, bass "The Bacon Song," "Exception That Proves the Rule"
Tyson Spice/viola, glockenspiel
Laurel Bliss/dobro
Nova Katrina Devoni/accordian
Becky Poole/saw
Maria Sonevytsky/piano
Design: Jody Churchfield
Photo: David Keenan

Dancer, choreographer, performance artist, writer, songwriter, singer, uke strummer, style maven... "multi-talented" barely does Jenna justice. Her first CD, Jumping Bean, is a double-handful of Jenna's tunes -- funny, skewed, poignant and yes, quirky -- built simply around her voice and uke. A few choice friends, among them Miles & Karina (both!), Laurel Bliss and Coty Hogue, add the seasoning as needed. I'm both honored to have been asked to record Jumping Bean, and pleased as punch with the result! Visit Jenna's MySpace page to listen to samples.

Athena - Your Window
Completed: February 2008
Produced by: Jeff Lee and Bruce Blood
Recorded, mixed & mastered by: Bruce Blood
1. Coffee & Cream
    (Safiya King, Cassie Gill & Jamie Keene)
2. 6:00 (Jamie Keene)
3. It Wasn't You (Jamie Keene)
4. A Better Place (Shannon Hughes)
5. Your Window (Safiya King)
6. A Little Longer
    (Cassie Gill & Amanda Triandafilou)
7. Voice, Body, Mind (Athena with Jeff Lee)
8. Go Away (Amanda Triandafilou)
Cassie Gill, Jamie Keene, Safiya King & Amanda Triandafilou/vocals
Bruce Blood/guitars, ukulele, percussion
Rebecca Cohen/bass
Jeff Lee/piano, guitar, harmonica, harmony vocals
Cassie Gill/paino on "Your Window"
Jeff Beckstrom/drums on "Go Away"
CD Design: Cassie Gill & Jamie Keene   CD Art: Tom Marks

In the Spring of 2007 my friend Jeff Lee asked Rebecca Cohen and me to back his songwriting students, a talented bunch of young women from Lake Washington Girls Middle School, at the concert premier of the songs they'd written in his class. The songs were so good and the concert went so well, that I suggested we turn it all into a record. "Your Window" is the result and Athena is the name Safiya King, Cassie Gill, Jamie Keene and Amanda Triandafilou chose to call themselves collectively.