Mambo Moon What voodoo looms...?



Mambo Moon

MP3: Mambo Moon 7.4 MB, 5:07


Lead Vocal & Guitar (2nd lead): Bruce Blood
Accordion & Inspiration: Nova Karina Devonie
Guitar (1st Lead): Ron Peters
Violin: Annie Staninec
Upright Bass: Mimi Hills
Cajon & Harmony Vocal: Ron Dalton
Bongo Cajon: Elian Carbone

Staged, Mixed and Recorded by: Coty Hogue, Chip Hayward and Pete Swensson at the PSGW 2013 Wk. 2 Student Concert

Music & Lyrics: Bruce Blood


Here's a little taste of the magic that happens at Puget Sound Guitar Workshop: when the ever-amazing Nova Karina Devonie is going to be in camp, I like to have a new song for her to play. This has been going on for a long time, but this year at the beginning of PSGW Week 2, I realized I'd neglected to do my homework. Ooops! So I asked Nova what she wanted play expecting her to say "Western swing," or "a Norteno polka," or maybe even "Gypsy jazz." I should know better! "Hmmmmm..." Nova said, "How about something frightening!" Okay then...

That was Saturday and by Wednesday morning Mambo Moon was more or less fully formed. I was extra-lucky that two more of my permanent camp band members, Ron Peters and Mimi Hills, as well as my outta-camp band-mate, Ron Dalton, were all there that week, too. Then I asked Annie Staninec and Elian Carbone to complete the ensemble, and voila, another in the long line of dream bands! They played the Voodoo right into the Mambo Moon! All of this in 5 days from inspiration to performance.

A special shout-out to the ace PSGW sound and recording crew, Coty Hogue, Chip Hayward and Pete Swensson. To say they spoil us is an understatement!

The secret sauce to the PSGW magic really ain't no secret at all: a bunch of really talented, giving people, all there to build a community around shared music. Thank you, every one!


There's something out there in the blue moonlight
I can see the shadows dancing in the night
There's something out there stirring up the sultry air
I don't know what it is but I know it's there

All the world is quiet, nothing makes a sound,
And all the woodland critters have gone to ground
There's something out there and it don't belong
I don't know how I know, but I know it's wrong

Board up the windows.
Bar every door.
Cause there's something out there could mean wrack and ruin,
Who knows what voodoo looms 'neath the MAMBO MOON

Better take cover.
Grab your amulet and broom.
'Cause there's something out there, spelling someone's doom
Who knows what voodoo looms 'neath the MAMBO MOON
'Cause there's something out there, and it's comin' soon,
Who knows what voodoo looms 'neath the MAMBO MOON
Who knows what voodoo looms 'neath the MAMBO MOON
Who knows what voodoo looms... 'neath the MAMBO MOON