Crescent moon... There's a crescent moon...



Magic in the Air

MP3: Magic in the Air 4.1 MB, 2:56


Lead & Background Vocals: Jeanne Blood Medalia
Harmony & Background Vocals: Erin Blood Mounsey
Harmony & Background Vocals, guitars: Bruce Blood
Resonator Guitar: Orville Johnson
Bass: Gary Sparling
Drums: Jeff Beckstrom

Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Bruce Blood at RMC Recording

Music & Lyrics: Bruce Blood


   A few years back I extended a work trip to LA and headed up to Santa Barbara to see my old friend Bob Mustacich and his family. While I was waiting to meet them I found myself a beach and grabbed my Papoose (a small guitar tuned a fifth up from standard) to while away an hour or two in the shade. Galena Beach and the fact that I was missing my sweetheart were the spark for the this little fantasy!

   From the beginning Magic in the Air has been Jeanne's song to sing -- her voice has a touch of innocence that works perfectly. It tickles me that her's is the first voice heard on the CD. Erin and I complete the family harmonies, Gary and Jeff do their normal sterling work and Orville puts the cherry on top with a sweet dobro line.


There's a crescent moon, and a crescent beach,
And the stars seems inches out of reach.
If I could hold one in my hand,
Would you join me here upon the sand?

There's a gentle breeze, and a midnight sky,
And an ocean soft as a lullaby.
If I could sing that ocean's song,
Would you join me here and sing along?

For the night is filled with mystery,
And powers we can't touch or see.
So, who knows what we might achieve,
With two hearts that believe.

There's a touch of MAGIC IN THE AIR,
And though I'm here, and you are there,
We might not seem so far apart
If we close our eyes and trust our hearts.