A pint Thanks Uncle Roy!



Lindsey's March

MP3: Lindsey's March 5.0 MB, 5:27


Guitars & Bass: Bruce Blood
Lap Snare: Piper Heisig
Banjo: Tom Rawson
Fiddles: Mary Simpkin-Maass

Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Bruce Blood at RMC Recording

Music: Bruce Blood


   Lindsey's March is in honor of my Godfather, Roy Lindsey, who taught me, at the tender age of 7, a lifelong taste for beer. Not surprisingly his cousin, my mom, didn't really approve, but I've thanked him ever since! To me he was Uncle Roy, and to say that was the archtypical American Irishman would be to understate the case. I loved him, but I never had to live with him...

   My thanks to my PSGW buddies Piper, Tom and Mary for making Lindsey's March come to life.