Bad Medicine No more snake oil!



Bad Medicine

MP3: Bad Medicine 6.0 MB, 4:14


Lead & Background Vocals: Erin Blood Mounsey
Harmony & Background Vocals: Jeanne Blood Medalia
Background Vocals: Rita Blood
Guitars: Bruce Blood
Guitar: Dr. Biscotti
Harmonica: Mark Iler
Bass: Gary Sparling
Drums: Jeff Beckstrom

Produced, engineered & mastered by Bruce Blood at RMC Recording

Mixed by Tom Manche at Studio X, Nashville, TN

Music & Lyrics: Bruce Blood


   Written after hearing way too many stories from the targets of abusive behavior about how they finally found the strength to extricate themselves. "Let you right in... Never again!"

   Erin takes the lead and all the Blood women join in on the chant, while the band rocks with Mark wailing away on the mouth harp!


Well, I knew who it was when I heard the sound of your knock
And I thought about it twice before I drew back the lock
And it only took me one look in your eyes to justify my hesitation
I've seen that look before, and it's surely, it's BAD MEDICINE

You assume that you're wanted each time you choose to appear
And once there was a time that you would've known welcome here.
So you'd show up every once in a while, for a little rest & recreation
And I'd take you right in, but never again, it's BAD MEDICINE

Once upon a time you looked like somethin',
That I might have called a lover or a friend.
But once upon a time just turned into nothin',
That I'd ever want to do again...

With a belly full of whiskey, and a nose full of fools' delight,
You've got some damn gall to show up at all tonight.
So I'll get you some coffee, and I'll call you a cab, that's it, end of conversation.
Talking won't do, 'cause talkin' to you is BAD MEDICINE. BAD MEDICINE