And Away We Go!
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And Away We Go!

Bruce Blood at PSGW cr: John Rominger

And Away We Go!

Yowee!  It’s a brand new Bruce Blood website!

Here’s where you’ll find what there is to know about my songwriting, recordings, bands, performances, studio and more.

Back in the day, when I was Web Manager of, we coded everything by hand in HTML.  And so it was with the old — conceived, designed, and coded — all by me.

This time I got smart and asked for help:

First and foremost my pal, the estimable, multi-talented Adrienne Asher, is responsible for so much of the site: conceiving the design specs; guiding me through the template selection process; cobbling the site together from my scattered ideas; introducing me to WordPress; putting up with multiple revisions and delays; and much, much more.  And… perhaps above all, creating the logo that’s the cornerstone of the design. I love it!  Check out Adrienne’s poetry, fine art, web & social media services, cooking blog (I wasn’t kidding about multi-talented!) at

McKain Lakey is my partner in Lindsey Lake Video, and shot most of the videos you’ll find on the site.  She’s another who can  do a LOT of things well. McKain is currently on tour through the Midwest and South.  Go see her if she comes to your town!

You’ll find photos by John Rominger, Jan Anderson, and Rita Blood scattered throughout.  Many thanks for their eyes and willingness to share.

Candace Faber (TW: @candacefaber) helped with the copywriting.  Follow her blog on Medium for some of the best writing you’ll find anywhere.

My humble thanks to all of them!

So take a look around.  Sign up for BB News by EMail, and get in touch with me via the contact page.

More soon!  -BB

Photo Credit: John Rominger