Bruce Blood | Musician + Recording Studio
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Bruce Blood  —  Songwriter | Guitarist | Singer | Producer | Engineer 

Bruce Blood is a songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist whose distinctive songs capture evocative scenes from American life. As a guitarist, he is known for his versatility across genres such as folk, jazz, R&B, rock, and country. For the past 15 years, he has operated a recording studio, RMC Recording, that specializes in working with singer-songwriters and small combos. As of 2017, he also produces high-quality, small-scale music videos through Lindsey Lake Video.


Bruce currently performs with three bands in the greater Puget Sound area and beyond: The Bruce Blood Band, presenting selections from his 160+ original songs; Janet and the CurMudgeons, drawing from Great American Songbook favorites; and Salt Luck, a full string band featuring country/Americana duets.


A lifelong devotee of the guitar who is equally comfortable on acoustic and electric, Bruce has been on the support staff of Puget Sound Guitar Workshop for 19 years and has attended for 25 consecutive years.


To learn more about Bruce’s music, please check out the audio recordings and videos on this site, or better yet, visit the calendar to find out about upcoming shows!


To learn more about Bruce’s services through RMC Recording and Lindsey Lake Video, visit the RECORDING page or send an email inquiry.


Playing, Writing, and Recording

In Performance


Three Bands, Three Styles

Original songs from the Bruce Blood Band, American standards with Janet and the CurMudgeons, and the country/Americana duets of Salt Luck. Keep an eye on the Calendar.



165 Songs & Counting

All sorts of styles and subjects, some co-writes, but mostly just me crafting the lyrics, tunes, and arrangements.


RMC Control Room

Audio & Video


Production & Recording

RMC Recording and Lindsey Lake Video specialize in making singer-songwriters and small combos sound and look their best.


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